Somerset RFU Under 16's


Somerset RFU Under 16's County Rugby 2019 / 2020


Bristol Bears & Bath Rugby manage the Somerset Under 16 & 15 groups called East & West.

In order to represent your county you need to participate in a Developing Player Pathway group.

You can do this very easily and should be put forward by your club coach / school (P.E. teacher) or personally to the respective club at Bristol Bears or Bath Rugby


Bristol Bears Rugby DPP - Somerset West - Bath Rugby DPP - Somerset East

Please look at DPP (developing player pathways)

Bristol Bears Rugby & Bath Rugby websites







The lineout
Lineout-WvF-2004.jpgThe lineout is a means of restarting play after the ball has gone into touch (off the field of play at the side). “The lineout concentrates a selection of forwards in one place near to the touch line, so the backs have the rest of the width of the field in which to mount an attack. The key for the forwards is to win possession and. distribute the ball effectively to the back line. Find out more here
The scrum
ST vs Gloucester - Match - 23.JPGThe scrum is a means of restarting play after a stoppage which has been caused by a minor infringement of the Laws (for example, a forward pass or knock on) or the ball becoming unplayable in a ruck or maul. The scrum serves to concentrate all the forwards and the scrum halves in one place on the field, providing the opportunity for the backs to mount an attack using the space created elsewhere. Find out more here
Tackle, ruck and maul
Rugby tackle cropped.jpgAs well as being an evasion game which requires creation and use of space, Rugby is also a contact sport. In fact, contact situations can be the very mechanism by which players create the space they need to attack. The three most common contact situations which occur in open play are tackle, ruck and maul. Find out more here
Please ensure that you continually check the Somerset RFU website ( as any changes to training / matches will be put on there. No further reminders will be issued.