Somerset P F & R

PFR is essentially a business planning tool used by the RFU to set, agree and report on the budgeted finance they supply to each CB around the country. It is agreed by the SRFU and the RFU each year, and allocates budget to each of the key drivers. Each of those Key Drivers has a stream leader appointed within the county committee to administer that budget. Those are:

KD1 Retaining and developing current players
KD2 Recruiting new players
KD3.1 Retaining and recruiting high quality referees/volunteers
KD3.2 Retaining and recruiting high quality coaches
KD4 Effective & Efficient Facilities
KD5 Effective & Efficient Club Management
KD6 Integration with the Community
KD7a Operational Costs Recurring programmes Junior
KD7b Operational Costs Recurring programmes Senior

The link goes to the 2016/17 budget which is currently available to clubs with the exception of KD5 which is the budget used to administer the county. This file shows the overall budget against each key driver; there is more detail behind them in the overall plan.

If you have any questions then please refer to Mike Wicks on Funding opportunities were outlined at the meeting of clubs on 16/11/2016, but include subsidies for coaching and first aid courses, and assistance on facilities projects which we would be pleased to hear from you about. There is also available funding for recruitment & retention activities.

Copy of the 2016-17 PFR budget