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Discipline in Somerset

Discipline at Somerset

Disciplinary Panels deal with disciplinary matters on behalf of the County Union under powers delegated by the R.F.U.

Club Secretaries (or other appropriate Club Officer(s)) should familiarise themselves with the R.F.U.’s Disciplinary Regulations (as set out in the R.F.U. Handbook) and the matters contained in the County’s own “Discipline Handbook” copies of which have been provided to all clubs and which can also be found on this website.


Des Chalmers
Chairman of Disciplinary Panels
Tel: - 01934 632501 - 07887 931352

Alison Bennett
Secretary of Disciplinary Panels
07732 788777

For the attention of Discipline Secretaries

With the welcome return to rugby across the County I am keen to have a clear process for all clubs to follow should a red card be issued. Please notify me, in writing, within 48 hours of the game being played stating:

  • Name of club and player
  • Date of game
  • Offence
  • Name of referee and which Referee Society he/she represented

I am setting up a database of all club discipline officers so please confirm to me your name, contact telephone number and email address so I can liaise with you effectively should the need arise.

Many thanks and I hope we have a quiet season for discipline matters!

Yours in rugby
Alison Bennett
Honorary Disciplinary Secretary
Somerset County RFU Ltd